We present the amazing Chinese arts with riveting performance, diverse public events, and our flagship C Dream Program.

2024 C Dream Master Tour
2024 Lunar New Year Celebration
2023 Free Sundays@PAM Hanfu Demo


Our Partners

We cherish the long-time collaboration with community partners and look forward to working with more like-minded friends.

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Words from Community

Christiane H., Santa Clara County, CA

“C Dream Program has furthered my pursuit of art as an interest because I keep improving from it which encourages me to try new styles and movements that are out of my comfort zone.”

Stephen S., Los Angeles, CA

“Promotion and preservation of community cultures require time and dedication. Doing one or two projects is not easy; a commitment that lasted for over ten years is admiring.”

Maya C., Orange County, CA

“My experience … has given me inspiration to more Chinese performing arts classes and to encourage my friends and family to join me.”