2022-2023 Committee Roster


Fenhua Lu

Fenhua Lu is a renowned dance educator in San Francisco Bay Area. Graduating from Shanghai Dance School, Ms. Lu is a member of China Dancers Association Shanghai and once a principal performer at Shanghai Song & Dance Ensemble. In 1998, she moved to Northern California and performed at Feiyang Art Troupe. She later founded New Century Dance School in 2004, serving as principal, artistic director, and teacher since then. Ms. Lu established New Century Dance Troupe in 2012 and serves as director and artistic director. In 2015, she began teaching at Stanford Health Improvement Program (HIP) of Stanford University as Chinese Dance Instructor. Since 2021, Mr. Lu has served as artist director and head of Dance Training Department at Impression Cultural Arts Center.


(Alphabetical Order)

Kangning Du

Xiaohui Gao

Jennifer Hewitt

Hengda Li

Celia Liu

Beibei Monter

Yifeng Wang

Feng Ye

Yaya Zhang

Ethan Xing (Secretary)

2022 Inaugural Meeting