2021 Autumn Moon Festival

September 19, 2021

Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA

In celebration of the traditional Moon Festival, Bowers Museum rolls out its first in-person cultural event in the year of 2021. Joining hands with our long-time community partners, Sino US Performing Arts Organization is proudly becoming the sponsor of this event’s performance and bring to audiences a diverse lineup of local artists. Beibei & Jon Monter presented their amazing fusion music, martial arts masters and students from Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA impressed everyone with their incredible kung-fu demonstration, dancers from Kim Eung Hwa & Korean Dance Company and Viet Cam Dance Group showcase the dazzling Korean and Vietnamese traditional dances, Ba Duanjin performers from Heart Chan Meditation led visitors to learn traditional wellness techniques, and Vicky Cheng wowed all the audiences with her magical face-changing.