2023 Free Sundays@ PAM Hanfu Demo

November 12, 2023

USC Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA

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Colorado Boulevard

Free Sundays@PAM, an annual tradition, returns to Pasadena this November. Organized by USC Pacific Asia Museum, this one-day cultural festival features the theme of Silk Road apparel in 2023. presenting dance, music, art craft, food, and much more.

Invited by USC PAM, Sino US Performing Arts Organization brings to patrons a newly-produced Hanfu outfit show in partnership with SoCal Hanfu Association. This 10-minute presentation showcases traditional Chinese apparel in Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties when the Silk Road cultures were flourishing, making significant impact on ancient Chinese people’s daily lives and folk cultures. The performers’ demonstration, with an English voice-over and visual aid, takes patrons on a journey traveling to the past, piquing their interest in traditional Chinese clothes and cultures in general.

Artist Group

SoCal Hanfu Association, established in 2013, mainly focuses on promote traditional Chinese culture in Southern California. Socal Hanfu organizes events such as Hanfu try-on,workshops and cultural shows, welcoming everybody to participate in.