2023 LAPL New Year Celebration

January 21, 2023

Los Angeles Central Library, Los Angeles, CA

For the first time ever, Los Angeles Central Library rings in a Lunar New Year with an all-day celebration. This year’s inaugural event features artists from local Asian community and offers interactive crafts tables for audiences from SoCal to enjoy various of Asian traditions.  

Per LAPL’s invitation, Sino US Performing Arts Organization joins the program with its artist friends. Renowned musician couple, Wangbao He and Xiaoqing Chu, brings to patrons amazing Chinese music performances, including Dance of Golden Snake, Tibetan Dance, and Horse Racing. Performers from Los Angeles Yue Opera Troupe introduce to audiences traditional Chinese Yue Opera with a riveting showcase of Romance of West Chamber: Enchantment. 

It is a great pleasure that our performances bring joy and new year blessings to all library patrons and together celebrate the cultural diversity of the community we all call home.


Wangbao He & Xiaoqing Chu

Fang Wei

Xiaoling Zhan

Yimeng Liu