2023 Shaolin Cultural Day

May 28, 2023

Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA

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Teaming up with Bowers Museum and Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA, Sino US Performing Arts Organization proudly presents to Orange County community the first Shaolin Cultural Day to conclude celebration of 2023 AAPI Heritage Month.

This one-day cultural extravaganza features captivating Kung-fu demonstration by the visiting Shaolin warrior monks and local martial arts students who showcase the incredible skills land techniques, leaving audiences in awe of Shaolin Kung-fu’s physical prowess and spiritual dedication. This event also presents Zen arts, such as guqin performance, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony, giving patrons firsthand experience of the external expression of Zen cultures and practices. All visitors are welcome to immerse themselves in the outdoor interactive activities, indulging in Shaolin archery and kung-fu workout.

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Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA

Founded in 2007 by Grand Master Shi Yan Xu under the mandate of Abbot Shi Yong Xin, the Center is committed to building an on-going, multifaceted educational and cultural platform to share the ideals, knowledge and practices of the Shaolin Temple within the United States through Kung-fu education and Chan (Zen) cultures promotion.