After months of intense learning and practicing, the inaugural C Dream comes to a conclusion. From August 7 to August 9, over 100 graduates across the country travel to Los Angeles, CA for the very first C Dream Festival in celebration of their achievement. During the weekend, students are invited to attend Gala, participate in Annual Performance, and take C Dream Masterclass. 

2016 C Dream Annual Gala

On August 8, over 100 guests, including C Dream graduates, teachers, partners, sponsors, and community friends, gather at Westin Pasadena to celebrate the successful wrap-up of the inaugural C Dream. Outstanding graduates are acknowledged and receive scholarship award. The first C Dream Star, the highest honor for each year’s graduate, is bestowed. At the Gala, a C Dream documentary series is premiered and dedicated to all who contribute to this nascent program.


Gala Pictures

Documentary Series

Passing Torch

Seeking Root

Chasing Dreams

2016 C Dream Annual Performance

Directed by C Dream production team, the first C Dream Annual Performance presents the best of C Dream 2016, featuring Chinese dance repertoires and Peking Opera classics in full costumes, performed by young artists from Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, and Houston. The performance also includes C Dream short videos and the graduation ceremony of the 2016 Classes.

Award-winning guest dancers take audiences to a fascinating cultural journey, inspired by ethnic Chinese dance and music of Tibetan, Korean, Mongolian styles and much more. This special performance highlights the stunning pieces awarded the top-notch Taoli Cup in China and international prizes in recent years. Show is held on August 9, 2016 at Arcadia Performing Arts Center.

Annual Performance Video

2016 Annual Performance

2016 C Dream Dance Masterclass

Hosted by Prof. GAO Du, renowned Chinese dance educator from Beijing Academy Academy, the first C Dream Masterclass is held on August 8 at Pasadena Community College Dance Studio. More than 50 students from Class 16′ are selected to attend this class and benefit from teaching by world-class Chinese dancer and choreographer.

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