2019 C Dream Festival kicks off on July 27 with Peking Opera Performance in Los Angeles and culminates with a series of dance programs in Houston, TX, where over 100 students and teachers across the country convene to celebrate the conclusion of this year’s program, marking the first time C Dream ventures outside California.

2019 C Dream Annual Peking Opera Performance

In celebration of Peking Opera Class of ’19, the Performance is held in Whitney High School on July 27th that showcases graduates’ talents and attainments.
Dressed up in full costumes and makeups, over 20 students present a diverse lineup of Peking Opera classic excerpts, and dazzle the audience with singing, speaking, acting and acrobatic combat.

2019 C Dream Masterclass

The Festival travels to the Lone Star State and rolls out its first program, 2019 C Dream Masterclass, on August 10th. Approximately 80 graduates attend the class led by Mr. Du Gao, renowned dance artist and educator from Beijing Dance Academy.

Prof. Gao challenges and encourages students to refine their dance techniques, integrate feelings with poses and gestures, and become more creative in dance movements and expressions.


2019 C Dream Annual Gala

Our celebration continues with 2019 C Dream Annual Gala kicking off at Hilton Garden Inn Sugar Land on the night of August 10th to send shoutout to this year’s graduates.

More than 120 guests attend the ceremony, including students, advisors, instructors, school principals, and community friends. The result of 2019 C Dream Star and Scholarship recipients are also announced.

2019 C Dream Annual Dance Performance

The season finale of 2019 C Dream, our signature Annual Dance Performance, is held at Stafford Centre on the night of August 11th to showcase art caliber and accomplishments of C Dream Dance Class of’19. The Show is proudly presented by Sino US Performing Arts Organization and diligently organized by J&H Dance School, in support of young talents’ dreams in arts.
Directed by Xiaohui Gao and Ke Xu, the show presents a diverse lineup of 11 dance works by students from the five cities in the U.S. and four special performances by dancers from the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy.

Featured dances include ethnic and folk dances of Mongolian, Uygur, Dai and Tibetan styles, and classic and contemporary dances. The fascinating performances enchant the entire audience throughout the show.