2021 C Dream Festival echoes society’s call for a safe return to normalcy and changes last year’s virtual event to a more hybrid mode. While keeping graduation showcase and the newly reinstated Masterclass virtual, we encourage all graduates to videotape their dance pieces outdoor and edit their performances into a 30-min show video, a tribute to Class of ’21 and our Annual Performance tradition.

2021 C Dream Masterclass

From late July to early August, C Dream reopens Masterclass series and connects students with Mr. Doudou Huang and Mr. Hengda Li, two renowned dancers and choreographers, one from Shanghai, China, the other from Seattle, WA. Participants, in addition to listening to two lectures on Chinese dance, also get to present dance pieces in front of masters and receive valuable instructions, thanks to the virtual interaction sessions.

2021 C Dream Online Graduation

On the evening of August 7, 2021, over 100 students from six partnering schools across the country remotely attend the graduation ceremony where they showcase a diverse lineup of 11 dance works learned from this year’s C Dream Class.

Art Advisors Professor Du Gao from Beijing, China, and Mr. Hengda Li from Seattle, WA provide comment on students’ performances and recommend areas for improvement. Principals of partnering schools, this year’s faculty members, and parents are also present to celebrate students’ commencement.

2021 C Dream Virtual Annual Performance

Though we still can’t put back our Annual Performance tradition, C Dream is being creative to present students’ dance pieces in a more normal way. This year, using dance footages taken by principals and teachers, we edit students’ outdoor demonstration into a Virtual Annual Performance. In this video, our students, all dressed-up, present what they’ve learned from classes against the backdrop of landmark sceneries in the cities they live. Let’s enjoy!